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The city of Seattle has a reputation for being a rather rainy city. Despite that fact, the artists from this city refuse to let somber weather hold them back from creating music that sounds like a warm, sunny day. Enter Seattle-based producer Kyo-Ken with a prime example of this on his funky new single, “Most Beautiful Ride.”

The 22-year-old producer, multi-instrumentalist, and member of the Northern Natives collective is doing his best to bring sunshine to his city by way of music. For his latest release, Kyo-Ken recruits fellow Seattle singer MistaDC and Oakland rapper Elujay to complete “Most Beautiful Ride.”

An invite to get up and dance is extended as soon as the beat drops. The lyrics give a nod to the infamous Seattle weather with lines like, “It usually rains where I’m from, but today it’s so damn colorful.” Instead of dwelling on bad days, the guys take the time to create a soundtrack for a perfect afternoon. It’s hard not to instantly feel good after just one listen.

“There’s crazy chemistry between MistaDC and I,” Kyo-Ken explains. “When we got in the studio together for ‘Most Beautiful Ride’ on a rainy afternoon, he stepped in the booth and transformed into a young Kirk Franklin, so I had to hit him with the organ like a Baptist church on Sunday morning. Next thing, we know sun is streaming in the window.”

Listen to “Most Beautiful Ride,” and watch a short animated visual below.