Sizzle Reel

DNA enlisted my expertise to capture the essence of the unique and momentous beginning of an Amazon Fresh store, and Federal Way, Washington, proved to be no exception. While Amazon introduced the festivities, it was the Federal Way community that truly elevated the celebration. Join us in commemorating the grand opening of Amazon Fresh in Federal Way, as I expertly documented how this retail giant is revolutionizing the shopping experience for the local residents. Prepare to be immersed in the genuine excitement of customers and discover firsthand why Amazon Fresh has become the talk of the town.


  • Amazon Fresh (Brand)
  • DNA (Agency)


  • Sizzle Reel Recap (Digital)


  • Cinematographer / Camera Operator
  • Editor
  • Live & Post Audio


  • Kat O’hara – Producer
  • Isabelle Kelley – Associate Producer
  • Jay Purcell – 2nd Cam Operator/Audio
  • Chloes Ciara – Production Assistant
  • Kenny Carpenter – Cinematographer/Camera Operator/Editor/Audio


  • 2 Panasonic GH5s
  • Lumix 12-35mm
  • Leica 15mm
  • 2 Zhiyun Crane 3 gimbals
  • Aputure 120D
  • Rode Boom mic

Grand Opening

The goal of the sizzle reel was to encapsulate the vibrant atmosphere and diverse activities of Amazon Fresh store launches. Each grand opening was a spectacle, featuring an array of festivities including hundreds of gifts, a prize wheel, and complimentary food and drinks. The excitement was already building before the sun rose as customers eagerly lined up from 4 AM, anticipating the day’s offerings. At 8 AM, the ribbon-cutting ceremony commenced, accompanied by inspiring remarks from the mayor, marking the official start of the event-packed day.


The sizzle reel aimed to capture the lively atmosphere and activities of Amazon Fresh store launches. To create a cohesive narrative, an interview station was set up where customers shared their favorite highlights of the new store, with signed release forms and additional coupons/gifts provided. A carefully crafted voiceover served as a consistent through line, highlighting key features of the Amazon Fresh experience and store festivities. This approach resulted in a dynamic and engaging reel that showcased the energy of store openings while featuring customer perspectives.