KEXP’s objective is to develop a broader audience specifically among millennials and Gen Z. The executive team was looking for ways to garner interest from younger demographics and I pitched to the executive team to host a live Hip Hop event. This led to creating the first-ever KEXP Street Sounds Live, with performances by Parisalexa, J’von, and Soultanz. Hosted by KEXP DJs Stas THE Boss and Mike Ramos.


  • KEXP


  • Lead Event Organization
  • Booking
  • Oversaw Budgeting
  • Managed Timeline
  • Coordinated Marketing
  • Sponsorship outreach
  • Directed volunteers


  • Kenny Carpenter – Event Production Lead
  • McKenna Haley – Mentor
  • Andrea Friedman – Mentor
  • Stas THE Boss – Host & DJ
  • Mike Ramos – Host & DJ
  • Dusty Henry – Social Copy and Marketing
  • Joel Simard – Photography

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