KEXP aimed to expand its reach among millennials and Gen Z by engaging younger demographics. Recognizing this objective, I presented a proposal to the executive team to host a live Hip Hop event as a means to generate interest and captivate the target audience. This idea materialized into the groundbreaking KEXP Street Sounds Live, a pioneering event featuring captivating performances by talented artists such as Parisalexa, J’von, and Soultanz. The event was skillfully hosted by KEXP DJs Stas THE Boss and Mike Ramos, bridging together the KEXP Live experience.


  • KEXP (Brand)
  • Various (Artist)


  • Live Event
  • Digital and Social


  • Lead Event Producer
  • Lead Promoter


  • McKenna Haley – Mentor & Event Support
  • Andrea Friedman – Mentor & Event Support
  • Stas THE Boss – Host & DJ
  • Mike Ramos – Host & DJ
  • Dusty Henry – Social Copy and Marketing
  • Joel Simard – Photography
  • Kenny Carpenter – Event Production Lead


During my collaboration with KEXP, I proposed the idea of a live Hip-Hop show featuring local acts I had encountered during my work at the University of Washington. The pitch was met with enthusiasm, aligning with KEXP’s aim to engage a younger demographic. Utilizing KEXP’s event budget sheet, I estimated the costs and received approval from the executive team with a flexible budget. Opting for KEXP’s in-house venue, we secured the potential for a radio broadcast. With support from KEXP DJs Stass the Boss and Mike Ramos, the plan solidified, including a 21+ section bar for added appeal. The production process involved obtaining licenses, booking staff and volunteers, and reaching out to artist management, ultimately leading to the realization of the dynamic live Hip-Hop show. I also collaborated with multiple KEXP departments and partners to help promote the show featuring radio drops, announcements on King 5 news, and social listings corresponding with KEXP articles (see below).


The Street Sounds Live event day was nothing short of exhilarating, as the live show captivated both the audience in attendance and those tuning in via radio and KEXP’s website stream simultaneously. Securing event sponsorship from Topochico and Tito’s was a notable accomplishment, with support facilitated through KEXP’s business channels. My primary roles on the day focused around stage management, encompassing tasks like coordinating volunteers for the greenroom, bar section, and ticket booth. Additionally, I ensured a seamless soundcheck and catered to the technical operators’ setup requirements. The success of the event was evident, as all 251 tickets sold out before the 9 PM start time. With combined bar sales, the event generated over $7,000 in revenue, boasting an impressive 2x return on investment.