As we started our jam session, it was evident that MistaDC had something meaningful in his heart, stemming from the loss of one of his dear childhood friends. As we played and sang, the music took a beautiful turn, transforming into a heartfelt tribute to the radiant warmth his friend had brought into the world during their time together. MistaDC’s heartfelt tribute showed the enduring impact his friend had on his life and the lives of everyone around them. With the help of Andu, Jana, and many of MistaDC’s friends from Spokane, we present to you “Sunrays”.


  • MistaDC (Artist)


  • Streaming Platforms
  • Digital and Social


  • Executive Producer
  • Designer & Motion Graphics


  • MistaDC – Artist, Lead Vocals
  • Andu – Audio Engineer
  • Jana Ryakhovskiy – Graphic Artist
  • Kenny Carpenter – Executive Produce, Designer & Motion Graphics