I had the opportunity to collaborate with DNA on Pabst Blue Ribbon’s This is the Place campaign in various capacities for a span of 6 months. My involvement ranged from serving as a production coordinator to editing their campaign recap video, which garnered recognition with a Silver Addy and Bronze WARC award. What set this campaign apart was the inclusion of the immersive Pabst Hotel experience held in Traverse, Michigan, during August and September 2022. The campaign generated immense success and even caught the attention of notable figures like Jimmy Fallon. It was an exhilarating campaign that provided a 360-degree perspective on the entire production journey.


  • Pabst Blue Ribbon (Brand)
  • DNA (Agency)


  • Experiential
  • Digital and Social
  • OOH
  • Live Digital Event


  • Live Stream Tech / Camera Op
  • Production Coordinator
  • Editor
  • BTS Videographer


  • Maddy Giordano – Producer
  • Allyson Paisley – Creative Director
  • Lindell Serrin – Art Director
  • Becky Nissel – Copywriter
  • Cledisson Jules – Designer 

Production BTS

This was a quick recap BTS video of the production building process for most of the PBR Motel. These are all clips shot at the Hotopp’s fabrication studio in Seattle and later shipped to Traverse, Michigan for the final build out.

All shot on my GH5 and Sigma 18-35 f/1.8.


At the end of the campaign, PBR had a bunch of left over swag, an arcade machine, and a fancy PBR Jukebox, but no home. So with the little help of a “Drinko” board, we decided to let the PBR fans decide where these items get to call home. On a two week social media event (with 2 live streams!) we gave out gifts every day to PBR lovers across the US. As both a Production Coordinator and Live Stream Tech Operator, I was responsible for tracking the winners each day and coordinating shipping and legal requirements after all the winners were announced. In addition, I was operating any tech needs to operate our 2 Livestream days on Instagram.


  • Live Stream Tech / Camera Op
  • Production Coordinator 


  • Allyson Paisley – Creative Direction
  • Madison Graves – Account Manager
  • Michael Murphy – Host and Social coordinator
  • Michael Miller – Social
  • Maddy Giordano – Senior Producer
  • Kenny Carpenter – Live Stream Tech, Post-Production Coordinator


Since the PBR Motel could be booked from anywhere around the world, it was only fitting to have a guide book that visitors could enjoy their day the PBR way. I did heavy research on notable locations to eat, drink and visit in Traverse, Michigan. I made sure to cross-reference all locations to make sure they were authorized PBR distributors – and of course, vet notable locations from the locals. After the top locations were selected, I contacted each business to ensure all legal releases were filled out before featuring their business. Designs by Cledisson Jules. Copy by Becky Nissel.