DNA Socials

Intern Social Posts

During my internship, DNA wanted us to introduce ourselves and our interests on their social media. DNA had a formula for new hire introductions on social media, but we thought, why not change it up a bit? With the help of the initial designs from Ben and Dae’onna, I created some motion graphics to make us a little cooler than our peers. 


  • DNA (Agency)


  • Digital event


  • Motion Graphics
  • Audio


  • Ben Morrison – Designer
  • Dae’onna Clark – Designer
  • Kenny Carpenter – Motion Graphics/Audio


I started off with a background concept utilizing gradients and some displacement maps to get some wavy effects. Once I had the background I created motion graphics for each intern’s role reveal that was related to the interests they featured. I then went back on the backgrounds to add some further interest specific inspiration (ie a vinyl record background for Ben’s interests in music).