The Full View

Sizzle Reel

DNA approached me to take on the task of creating NIQ’s initial set of social and digital motion graphics. The design concept revolved around their campaign slogan “The Full View,” capturing the essence of their mission to simplify the complex realm of money management. With the goal of translating financial insights into practical actions, I developed motion graphics that visually transformed a wall of currency into digestible and actionable information. By employing this literal representation, the motion graphics effectively conveyed NIQ’s commitment to providing valuable insights in an accessible and engaging manner.


  • Nielsen IQ (Brand)
  • DNA (Agency)


  • Social & Digital Campaign


  • Motion Designer
  • Editor


  • Maddy Giordano – Producer
  • Doung Le – Art Director
  • Evan Haynes – Art Director
  • Garrett Musar – Copywriter
  • Kenny Carpenter – Motion Designer & Editor


DNA approached me with some initial approved animation concepts for NIQ. The initial concept was planned to be hard cut animations that felt snappy – reminiscent of a train station ticker. The philosophy behind the motion was to emulate how NIQ can translate the ambiguity behind managing your money (currency symbols) into something you can understand (English).  I sent some initial animation drafts that could fit the possible animation style that was asked.

In addition to the original ask of hard cuts, I made a few additional concepts. One was a “matrix” style shuffle and the other was a card flip style inspired by the train station ticker.

After a few more mocks for tempo, the team decided to go forward with the train station style animation.

With the main animation selected, the art direction team sent over the initial animation storyboard for each of the four :10s.