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At just 21 years old, Parisalexa already has a publishing deal writing music for established artists, she’s created a national following around her own music and has appeared on the NBC show “Songland” – in short, she’s young, extremely talented, and she’s also performing at the Street Sounds live show at the KEXP gathering space on Friday October 11.

Sound & Vision host Emily Fox caught up with Parisalexa to talk about her start in the music industry and what she’s learned since then.

On jumpstarting her singing career by skipping school to attend a GRAMMY camp in Los Angeles:

Thankfully, my mom vouched for me and it was a Summer camp – so I just missed like the end of high school. But, just meeting all those professionals who really took the time to tell us all that this is not just a pipe dream, like this is this something that you can actually make into your real career and this is how to do it. Right after GRAMMY Camp I met one of the people that was on the final performances panel and he pulled me aside afterward, and was like, ‘look, you are so talented, you’re very prolific and you’re young. But I really would like for you to stay in L.A. and write for some major label artists.’ And so, that was kind of the real beginning of my career.

Article by Emily Fox